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+ About Send It Made Easy

Send It Made Easy is all about getting your packages and parcels delivered to their destination with the minimum of hassle.

We are happy to deliver as an once off, on an adhoc basis, or as a regular thing, for anyone, with packages of any size.

We don’t require contracts. This is because each parcel delivery is unique. This means you are free to use whichever company best suits your requirements for each delivery you require.

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+ Our Services

When it comes to delivering your parcels, Send It Made Easy is your one stop delivery shop. From personal goods and fragile products to large deliveries and bulk mail outs, anywhere in the Melbourne, Victoria, Australia or internationally.

We will pick up your packages and parcels from you and deliver them to where they have to go. It’s that easy.

Check out the details on our specialist services or just give us a call on Call Us on 0499 754 595. We’re always happy to discuss your unique requirements with our personal touch.

+ FAQs

If you have questions about having your parcels delivered, here are a few of the most common questions we get asked and their answers.

More questions and answers can be found on our FAQs page too.

Do I need an account to send a package?

No. There is no need to sign up to have an account with us. Just email or give us a call when you need a package delivered.

How do I track my parcel?

We like the personal touch, so give us a call or email if you need to know where your parcel is in transit.

Do you do international deliveries?

Yes we do international deliveries. Just give us a call or email to find out more

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